SMS and WhatsApp with HubSpot: the deepest integration ever made.

Send automatic messages through workflows; WhatsApp and SMS chatbot integrated with HubSpot; a single number for all operators; all conversations saved in HubSpot; and much more!

HubSpot Impact Awards 2020 - Integrations Innovation
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Genial Investimentos
UOL EdTech
Luciano Faustino, CMO, Genial Investimentos

Sending automated WhatsApp through NA5 Platform as easily as we send an e-mail has really revolutionized the way we engage and communicate with our customers.

Luciano Faustino
CMO, Genial Investimentos
Felipe Salgado, Growth Marketing Manager, Genial Investimentos

A good e-mail opening rate in our market is around 25%. With WhatsApp, we reach over 90% and more than 30% response! It's impressive!

Felipe Salgado
Growth Marketing Manager, Genial Investimentos

Case Study 🤩

Get to know Genial Investimentos' Success Case that increased conversion by 30% with WhatsApp and HubSpot's integration from NA5.

30% conversion increase for new accounts

90% of open messages

30% message response